Invest in a Student’s Future

Why I want to be a part of BTM

Blog written by Susan Munoz (California, USA), a BTM Sponsor who visited Cebu with the BTM U.S. Team in March 2015

Have you ever wondered if your small contributions to a worthy cause really counted? Did you make a difference? When the needs are so great, how much does it cost to improve the quality of someone’s life?

Those were my concerns as I listened to over twenty deserving students’ interview for BTM Scholarships. As each student poured out their heart about their dreams, their parents’ dreams, their family life and passions, my heart went out to them, and my mind was figuring out what I could afford to give.

I learned that when I contribute my part and others do theirs, it adds up. When one student completes their education they will help their siblings finish theirs, so not only one individual is blessed, but their entire family. I am so happy to add my contribution to BTM, because I know it will make a difference.

Blessed to be a part,
Susan Munoz

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