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Scholarship: A little goes a lifetime

Blog written by Dale Blankenship (Virginia, USA), who visited Cebu for the first time with BTM’s U.S. Team in March 2015

I am known for going back and forth when making a commitment. My friends nicknamed me “Flip.” So it was with this trip to the Philippine Islands. My heart and mind are constantly in battle, because I have too many times stepped out beyond the Lord’s embrace and ran headlong into the “lion” waiting at the door. It is unpleasant and leaves me hurting, but humbled.

The first three days all I wanted to do was go home, and then I went to Sangat National High School, the school that Bless the Mind Foundation sponsors…We then had the incredible honor to sit down and hear the hearts of twenty children chosen to compete for a handful of scholarships. Each student, with speech prepared – started, stumbled with their words, and broke their hearts in two. No words can describe it. So much trouble, so much pain, so much hope in a glimpse of survival in an education that would build their dreams and help them carry the weight of their family resting on their shoulders.

I gave, knowing that I still had access to a job, and that if I did not give, I would leave these children and the future of their families destitute and facing an uncertain survival. God commands us to go. I did not understand until I came to Sangat and felt the touch of these children, crying in the vastness of an empty wilderness. We are all just children after all, crying, hurting and in need of love. I gave because just a little goes a lifetime here in the Philippines, and I have been blessed by God.

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