The Problem & Our Solution

What's the Problem?

Low-income students in the Philippines have very little financial assistance to pursue higher education. The ability to provide for themselves and their families after high school is severely limited. There are no government student loans or scholarships for students who want to attend college.

The Philippine culture strongly emphasizes support of families and local communities. A common story of a Filipino college graduate is: after securing a job, (s)he financially supports his or her brothers and sisters to attend school and will also take care of his or her parents as well.

One of the ways to fight inter-generational poverty is to provide deserving high school graduates the means to continue their education. Doing so helps them get their family out of the cycle of poverty.

When one family member has access to a college education, the impact goes beyond the student’s life. It changes the lives of the family and the community. Through Bless the Mind Foundation’s scholarship program, we can help break the cycle of poverty and the change the course of many lives.

Here's our Solution.

Every year, Bless the Mind Foundation (BTM) creates scholarships for graduates of Sangat National High School (SNHS) in San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines. The scholarships vary by amount, duration, and field of interests. BTM partners with sponsors to customize each scholarship. 

Since Bless the Mind Foundation started its scholarship program in 2010, other sponsors have pledged over $104,365 in college scholarship. These donations are currently supporting 50 students attending a university or training school in the Philippines. Recently, BTM’s first three scholars graduated from college. They are now working full-time jobs in the fields of education, engineering, and technology. Our first scholar Catherine Aplacador graduated cum laude from Cebu Normal University and is currently teaching. Others who have graduated are Carmela Paradela, Charmen Barolo, Ralph Sasil and Thorlief Lopos.  Please click here to read more about our scholars.

BTM Scholarship Program

Since fully implementing the program in 2010, BTM has 42 college scholars
in the Philippines and has provided and pledged over a total of $ 70,000 US dollars.

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