Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate?

There are three ways you can donate: (1) PayPal online, (2) credit card online, or (3) check by mail. To donate through one of our online methods, please follow the instructions here. To donate by check, please mail your tax deductible contribution to “Bless the Mind Foundation” to the following address:

Bless the Mind Foundation
410 E. Yosemite Ave, Suite A
Merced, CA 95340

If you have further questions on how to donate, please e-mail, or complete our inquiry form, and someone from organization will get in touch with you immediately.

Where does my money go?

Nearly 100% of your donation goes to the selected scholar when you donate towards the Scholarship Program. If you donate online, a very small fraction (~2.00 %) is deducted for service charge.

How do I know which scholar receives my donation?

Once your scholar is selected, we will introduce you to him/her over e-mail. During the school year, you will receive updates about them, or from them.