Invest in a Student’s Future

Scholarship: A little goes a lifetime

Blog written by Dale Blankenship (Virginia, USA), who visited Cebu for the first time with BTM’s U.S. Team in March 2015 I am known for going back and forth when making a commitment. My friends nicknamed me “Flip.” So it was with this trip to the Philippine Islands. My heart and mind are constantly in battle, because I have too many times stepped out beyond the Lord’s embrace and ran headlong into the “lion” waiting at the door. It is unpleasant and leaves me hurting, but humbled. The first three days...
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Why I want to be a part of BTM

Blog written by Susan Munoz (California, USA), a BTM Sponsor who visited Cebu with the BTM U.S. Team in March 2015 Have you ever wondered if your small contributions to a worthy cause really counted? Did you make a difference? When the needs are so great, how much does it cost to improve the quality of someone’s life? Those were my concerns as I listened to over twenty deserving students’ interview for BTM Scholarships. As each student poured out their heart about their dreams, their parents’ dreams, their family life...
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